PUBG Stylish Names (2022): 100+ PUBG Stylish Names for Boys and Girls

PUBG Stylish Names (2022): 100+ PUBG Stylish Names for Boys and Girls

Stylish PUBG Names 2022

PUBG games create the greatest kinds of fun. You could almost live in the reality of the battleground. The mystery, intrigues, and all the skills that go into playing these games can create the best set of experiences for recreation, especially if you love to stay indoors. 

Choosing the right PUBG names can improve the quality of your experience. There are several PUBG stylish names that you can choose from for your games. Your resilient, defensive, smart, dangerous, and stealthy characters deserve the most stylish names that would do great justice to all their exciting attributes. 

Here are some PUBG stylish names in 2022, you can choose anyone that suits your style.

  • Hero

Hero is a classic for your favourite PUBG character. That strong, defiant, fierce character deserves this stylish PUBG name. Hero says your character is ready to face danger and able to overcome it. Does your PUBG character make legendary moves, does he display great courage? 

Hero is your best bet. If you love your character making earning points from extraordinary skill, this is for you. How would you love to have a replay of great moves your character makes all the time? That's a Hero right there.

  • Hitman

For your kill-on-sight character, Hitman says it all. How many enemies can escape the grip of your Hitman? This stylish PUBG name describes a character that is alert, sharp and ready to kill. With this one, your adrenaline already shoots up at the mention and you are ready to go. 

Hitman is one stylish PUBG name you should adopt for your favourite character in 2022. That sniper-wielding character deserves a name as apt as this. This describes deftness, accuracy and great skill. 

The next time you want to choose a name for your no-mercy, non-hesitant PUBG character, Hitman should come to mind.

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  • Avenger

Avenger reminds you of a ruthless character. A well-built and extremely strong protagonist, willing to take on as many enemies as possible. You should have no issue slamming this PUBG stylish name on your protagonist if he/she is bold and does not mind being noticed from a long distance. 

Your Avenger character is always in the offensive, throwing the first and most deadly attacks before the enemy has a chance to prepare. Avenger is your ruthless character, willing to use all the weapons available to bring down an enemy without a second attempt.

  • Darling

Darling is a stylish PUBG name that you should use in 2022. It is alright to use this for either a male or female character. This name gives the feeling of a stealthy but highly deadly character. If you think of your character as sweet poison, this is the name for that character. 

Think of a sweet-looking character with sleek moves, very swift in attack and always ready to battle, think 'Darling'. Your Darling would take down many unsuspecting enemies, they would have no idea what just hit them. Darling reminds you of a deadly player that should not be joked about. You should consider this stylish PUBG name in 2022.

  • Baby Doll

Baby doll is almost like your Darling. It gives the feeling of a soft, easy, not-so-challenging character but no enemy wants to be unfortunate as to meet a single Baby Doll on the battleground. Baby doll is ready to kill, she makes easy movements but her moves are the most deadly. 

She could kill with a single contact and the enemy would still be trying to figure out what is happening. Your pleasant but swift character deserves to wear this name as a badge of honour. It defines everything from sweet, fierce, dangerous down to venomous and swift. Baby doll is one stylish PUBG name you should try out in 2022.

  • Bold

Bold is a stylish PUBG name for male and female characters. Bold describes the most daring character. This one does not care about stealth or disguise. Bold is not afraid to be perceived as a threat from a million miles away. That huge, largely framed PUBG character would love this name. 

This stylish PUBG name depicts strength, vigour and sass. Bold says 'Come get me if you can', 'Come against me if you dare'. It is such a stylish name for your Hulk Hogan kind of character.


  • Soldier

Soldier screams chivalry, it screams strength and tact. 'Soldier' is the most stylish name for your smart, calculating and brainy character. If your character does not have to shoot twice before hitting a target, runs silently no one can hear them approaching, rarely takes a hit and displays agility, there you have your soldier. 

This name suits both female and male characters. It gives the idea of professionalism and tells your opponents that your character is not on the battleground to joke around.

  • Ranger

If you are a fan of the popular television series, Power Rangers, this name might just be the best for your PUBG character. Ranger gives the idea of a super-energetic protagonist. 

It intrigues the possibility of superpowers for a strong, resilient character. You would love the thought of your character owning superpowers on the battleground. 'Ranger' is one stylish PUBG name to adopt in 2022. You should gift your character the feeling of a superheroic being. Ranger is a go-to PUBG stylish name.

  • Emperor

Except you do not like the feeling of ruling all the enemies that come at you, this name should make you and your character waltz through the battleground as nothing else matters. Emperor describes a forceful character that is already used to conquest. 

This is the most stylish name for that character that has no tolerance for resistance. This stylish PUBG name does not only prepare you to win on the battleground, but it also prepares you to rule in it. Emperor is a sassy name to choose, it is both confident and powerful.

  • Rose flower

This name is not only stylish, it is largely defining. Rose flower is that favourite female protagonist no one wants to mess with. Her strong suit is her beauty and ability to mesmerise but she is programmed to attack at the slightest wrong move. 

Her attack is definite, she never misses her target because they are already too hooked to escape. Rose flower is a silent hit woman, rarely would anyone suspect anything wrong until she is long gone, defeating the next enemy. If you are a fan of intrigue, the Rose flower name is the most stylish PUBG name for your character.

  • Brave Bunny

This is a cute name to choose. Brave Bunny is your cute, little character with great accuracy and surprisingly lethal moves. She is light in weight and she moves very swiftly. Your unsuspecting opponent is still wondering why your character is so small when they take the hit that they did not see coming. 

Brave Bunny is a distractingly minute protagonist overloaded with cuteness and sheer perfection. Your opponent is afraid of coming against a beauty but this beauty is not fazed at all by the size of an opponent. 

What she lacks in size, she makes up for in tactics. If this is your favourite PUBG character, you might have just found the most stylish PUBG name for her.

  • Fired heart

Deadly at heart, nefarious in moves, 'Fired Heart' is a stylish PUBG name for your most ruthless and vengeful character. With this one, there is no hesitation, there is no exemption, everyone in sight is a potential threat that must be dealt with immediately. This character is motivated by the heart and every sense in their body follows the command of the heart. 

This is the 'shoot-to-kill' fighter. With this fighter, there is no remorse and the sole aim is to eliminate all perceived threats without a second thought. If you love a character that makes quick moves and attacks with certainty, the Fired heart name is one of the stylish PUBG names for that protagonist.

  • Ninja

Ninja is quite a popular name for your PUBG character but you are bound to love it for several reasons. Apart from the fact that it reminds you of so many fierce characters from your favourite shows from childhood, it puts your mind in a 'ready-to-fight' mode. 

The mental idea of your ninja series may remind you of several heroic fighters who would go to any length to fight an enemy and eliminate a threat. You want that feeling every single time you settle with your gadgets to play your best PUBG game. Ninja is one of the most stylish PUBG names in 2022.

From Baby Doll, Brave Bunny, Fired heart to Ninja, you want to step into the battleground with the feeling that you and your character are invincible. From mild, cute names to bold and daring ones,  you are about to have the best experiences on the battleground.

With a large repertoire of names to pick from, you would have no hassles choosing the most stylish PUBG names for your protagonist in 2022. Go ahead and set new records, we are rooting for you.

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