Namecheap Hosting Review 2022: Is Namecheap The Best Or Not? Ad-Instructions

There is an explicit web-facilitating administration that gives what you want, and Namecheap might be one of them.


This facilitating organization began as a space recorder in 2000, and its achievement in this attempt drove Namecheap to add on different administrations, including facilitating.


The Organization Has North Of 11 million Clients And Hosts More Than 3,000,000 Space Names.


While certain organizations bring in their cash off upsells, Namecheap prides itself that it doesn't utilize the upsell strategy to bring in cash. All things considered, they work to give reasonable estimating plans that give you what you want, subsequently the name Namecheap.




Namecheap: The Good and The Bad

Let’s leap Namecheap’s good and bad so you can decide whether or not its professionals come up with what you want and if the cons aren’t deal-breakers.




The Good


Brand Trust: Namecheap is a well-known brand and almost they have been on the internet for around 20 years.


They Have Around 3 million Customers Worldwide.


They have provided hosting for millions of customer's and now that is considered a trusted brand so you can trust their hosting.



High-Security Standards


With Namecheap hosting, you will get the best privacy and security. Namecheap is one of the best and most secure hosting providers and you can trust them without any doubt. They have servers with advanced security modules. However, their users also trust them to take their websites to the next level.



Free Domain and Migration of Website


If you have hosted your website with another hosting provider instead of them, you would not be happy. With Namecheap hosting, you will get a free domain for your brand that will take your website to the next level for free. If you have built your website with another hosting provider then don't worry, you can easily migrate your WordPress Website to Namecheap Hosting. If you have chosen cheap plans then you can switch to their premium plans for free. Yes, It's real they offer free Website Migration from other Hosting Providers.



Namecheap Reseller Hosting 

Their reseller hosting is a good method to earn extra income. If you buy their reseller hosting, then you can simply sell your plans to your friends, family, audience and customers, etc.



Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with Namecheap's Hosting, then no problem. They offer 30 days money-back guarantee. They will return your money if you decided within 30 days after purchase. This means that you have 30 days to decide whether you choose Namecheap or not. If you are not happy with their hosting then, you will get back your money and can shift to another Hosting Service Provider.



Load Time

Namecheap provides you with the best loading speed. A website load time must be between 0.5-2 seconds. If your website takes more than 4 seconds to load, then there it is 100% guaranteed that the users will abort your website and try another. With their hosting, you can take your Website or WordPress Website to a whole new level with the fastest loading time of about 0.5-2 seconds. Their average page loading speed is 458 ms.



Third-Party Reviews 

Namecheap has an excellent rating of 4.7 stars on ShopperReviewd. This means that Namecheap is excellent for hosting purposes.



The Bad

Inconsistent and Unreliable Customer Support

Namecheap has a place known as Knowledgebase where you can find the most common problems faced by other people. If you have any common problem then you can get answers to your questions from here. The topics of problems include everything that you can face or have faced from email service to SSL certificates. They have also created short videos regarding the problems that people face. However, if you cannot find your answer in Knowledgebase or the how-to videos then consider contacting their support team. The bad thing about their live support is the late response that can irritate you.

For example: If you asked about site migration to their support team. Then instead of simple yes or no, they send you the same already generated text again and again. It has been a long time, but they have not corrected his support team yet.


Lack of Datacenters

Namecheap is one of the top hosting provider companies but they have lack data centres. They have only a few data centres in the United Kingdom and the United States. Their shared, reseller and VIP hosting servers are in Phoenix, United Kingdom data centres and Arizona which is not much for a top hosting provider brand. If you want to choose a data centre in the United Kingdom then you have to pay an extra of 1$/month.



Do We Suggest Namecheap Hosting?


Well, we do.

They have cheap basic plans better than the other companies upper-tier plans. They have solid uptime, good speed, free domain, free SSL certificate, etc. The only thing I don't like is their customer's support and lack of data centres. However, their hosting is one of the reliable and cheapest hostings. We wish that they would have more data centres in future and will offer better customer's support.


Overall, their hosting can be a good option for you.


Namecheap Compared to The Best Web Hosting Services

As noted above, Namecheap is some distance from the most effective internet web website hosting service. There are others available in the marketplace that we located we love extra—an end we got here to after a splendid deal of studies and trial and error. We set out on an adventure to discover the pleasant internet web website hosting vendors to use, and Namecheap didn’t cut.


However, simply as it didn’t make our listing does now no longer imply that Namecheap isn’t a great answer to your web website hosting wishes. Hosting wishes range from individual to individual, and they may also have precisely what you need. It is well worth mastering extra about, at least. And this is why we're digging deeper into Namecheap to reveal to you the way it compares to others.






Best Hosting Services

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