Picoworkers Review: Everything You Need to Know About Picoworkers

Picoworkers Review: Everything You Need to Know About Picoworkers
Picoworkers Review: Everything You Need to Know About Picoworkers

What is Picoworkers?

Picoworkers is one of the world's largest micro-tasking platforms with over 2 million monthly trafficThis website works like Microworkers or Rapidworkers. Employers post their jobs on the website that employees have to complete. The website is mainly famous because of its customer support. Unlike Microworkers and Rapidworkers, you will find tons of different tasks to do. More tasks will bring you more money. Picoworkers was founded by its parent company Octobrain Inc. The website offers a joining bonus of $2 which you will constantly get after creating your account. Like another micro-tasking website, you will find two types of users here. (i.e. Employers and Employees)


Employers are basically those people who post their jobs on the website and employees have to complete those jobs. Picoworkers provides reliable and fast ticket support to its users in case of any issue or serious problems. If an employer's job is not performing well then he can cancel it at any time. 

Moreover, employers also get a facility of money refund. So, you can refund your money at any time in Picoworkers.

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Those people who complete jobs in order to earn money are employees. Picowokers is trying to provide its employees with the best experience. Their employee dashboard is very responsive and user's friendly. So, you can access Picoworkers even from your mobile device. 

In this article, we will take a detailed look that what is Picoworkers and how does it work? So, let's get started!

Is Picoworkers a Legit Website?

Well, this question is asked a lot about Picoworkers that it is a scam or not? or can I really make money online using this website? 

Yes, You can! Picoworkers is one of the largest websites in its category and it really pays its customers. 

You can withdraw your money at any money you want using your favourite payout method which could be Skrill, Litecoin, PayPal or Airtm. So, don't worry about its legitimacy and make your account today.

Ways in Making Money on Picoworkers

Ways in Making Money on Picoworkers

There are a lot of different ways that a worker or employee can adapt in order to make more money online from Picoworkers. Following are some ways that you can use in order to make money from Picoworkers:

  • Small Jobs
  • Referrals
  • Surveys

Small Job

This is the most popular method of earning money from Picoworkers. Although small jobs pay very less the earnings totally depend upon you and how many tasks you perform. Some of the small jobs categories available on Picoworkers are:

  • Facebook Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Website Visit
  • Data Entry, Data Collection
  • Discord Joining
  • Twitter Micro-Influencer
  • Instagram Micro-Influencer
  • Promotion (Voting or Rating)
  • Reddit
  • Yahoo Marketing
  • Forums
  • App Installations
  • Article Writing
  • Surveys
  • Leads and much more!

The jobs earnings start from $0.02 to $5. So, in order to earn more money, you have to complete high-earning tasks but this will consume your more time.

Referral Program

This is the most valuable method of earning money online without any effort. You can earn money from Picoworkers by just sharing referral link with your family and friends. The chances of earning money from referrals ×100 of you have a good audience on your YouTube Channel or visitors on your website or Blog.


Picoworkers has recently added survey options to increase employees' earnings. Surveys pay the most than any of the methods available on Picoworkers. The average earning per survey on Picoworkers is from $1 to $5 depending upon the user's country. 

For example, if you are from a Western Country then you have more surveys available. This option is very limited for third-world countries users because they have only a few amounts of surveys available.

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How to Sign Up on Picoworkers?

How to Sign Up on Picoworkers?

How to Sign Up on Picoworkers?

In order to earn money from Picoworkers, you have to create your account first. You can simply create your Picoworkers account by completing the following steps:

  1. Go to Picoworkers.com
  2. Click on the sign-up button in the upper right corner
  3. Enter your account details and check the policies of the website
  4. Click on submit details and verify your email address

Now your Picoworkers account has been created successfully and now you are ready to earn money online simply by just completing small tasks!

How to Withdraw Money from Picoworkers?

You can withdraw your money in five different ways. The minimum threshold of Picoworkers is $5, after that, you can withdraw your money in the following ways:

  • PayPal
  • LiteCoin
  • Airtm
  • Skrill
  • Uphold

Though Picoworkers charge a lot of money for payout but is legal. The platform has to maintain its website and make the company more stable. This is the main reason behind the payout deduction of Picoworkers.

Picoworkers: The Good and the Bad

The Good

Like any other website, Picoworkers has its cons as well as pros but the good thing is that pros are dominated over cons. So, you can choose Picoworkers as a part-time earning source. Some of the best Picoworkers good are:

  • Low Payout Threshold
  • Reliable and Fast Customer Support Tickets
  • Joining Bonuses
  • Various Earning Methods
  • Easy-to-Use Interface

The Bad

Picoworkers also has some cons that you should come to know before getting started. Some of the Picoworkers' cons are:

  • Higher Payout Fee
  • Limited Amount of Surveys and Small Jobs
  • Employee's Success Rate Effects its Earnings

Withdrawal Fees

When your account reaches your withdrawal amount and you want to withdraw it, you have to pay a withdrawal fee of 8% of the amount you want to withdraw which is a high amount as compared to the other mico freelance sites as you earn by gathering every penny and they charge a high withdrawal fee.

 This is a new platform and not reliable yet, this might affect the rate of success and the unlikely thing in this platform, there are not enough employers as compared to workers and it’s really hard to survive without or fewer employers and this let us think of uncertainty that it can’t predict their future. Everyone in the globe needs to keep security in their job, if this not happened then we thought why should we work for that platform that didn’t give us security & surety to get paid for the existing work and scope to work further.

Generally, we attract this platform to work part-time or to do some small jobs in a small part of our busy schedule and make money.


Verification Procedure

The verification procedure is too lengthy, we must upload our photo and valid Identity Proof for verification. Some people don’t find themselves comfortable uploading their real pictures and Identity Proof on the internet. That’s why people can go through another legitimate micro job platform. People should always try to create as many sources of income online and Picoworkers would be at last.

Doing short tasks always have been a popular way to make extra money and it requires very less or no skills to complete these jobs, everyone has a chance to make money online, but here we need help finding a lot of small jobs available to complete.

Can I Earn $100 in One Day from Picoworkers?

As we all know that Picoworkers is a legit website but it does not pay a lot that you can make $100 in one day. 

If you work 2 hours a day for a week on Picoworkers, then you will be able to make almost $25 from the website which is a good amount for a part-time job to make money from the internet.


Doing small tasks has been a good and popular way of making money online but you cannot earn a lot using this method. As this method does not require any skill and is easy, it is not a reliable and everlasting method of online earning. If you are really interested in full-time earnings from the internet and want to be rich, then you should look for something else, this method will not make you rich. 

If you have any questions about Picoworkers or making money online by doing small jobs, feel free to ask me in the comments section, I'll try to answer your question.

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