Namecheap Hosting Review: Is Namecheap the Best Hosting Providing Company?

 Namecheap Hosting Review: Is Namecheap the Best Hosting Providing Company?

Do you want to start your online business? Do you want to start a blog website? Do you want to earn money?

Well, to start your business website or a blog. You will need to host your website. Namecheap provides the cheapest, fast and most reliable hosting.

A trust by millions of people in the company makes it better. Namecheap has hosted around 1.5 million websites on the Internet.

This shows how old the company is. Namecheap provides you with the cheapest hosting. According to the company, they have sold over 15 million domains.

Comparison of Namecheap to Other Hosting Companies

Namecheap is not only a hosting-providing company. They also sell domain names and other online services.

As compared to other companies, Namecheap might be a good option for you. Their high-performance servers will take your website to the next level. Namecheap Started in 2000, Namecheap is one of the world’s oldest hosting providing companies after Bluehost.

They guarantee 100% uptime which is good compared to other companies. Their live consultant is always available for you.

If you have any problem with your website, you can consult with their professional. Most of the questions receive their answers within 50-60 minutes which is a good time to answer.

They also offer a free domain for the first year if you buy any hosting plan with a free CDN and SSL certificate. So, don’t worry about its price, they will cover all your money. 

Namecheap Pros

Namecheap is a good hosting company and definitely has many pros. Some of the pros are:

  • Free Domain Name with Hosting.
  • Oldest and Well-Known Brand with an Experience of 22 Years.
  • Fast Reliable Support, Chat Option with their Professionals.
  • Easy and simple interface.
  • No complexities.
  • Best Website Builder.
  • 100% Uptime.
  • Free Website Immigration.
  • Daily Backups.
  • Quick Set-Up and Registration Process.

Namecheap Cons

Like all other hosting companies, Namecheap also has some cons. Following are some cons of Namecheap hosting:

  • No Phone Support is Available.
  • Difficult to Set Up SSL Certificate.
  • Takes Time to Chat with Professionals.
  • Some Dashboard Assets are Hard to Use.

Premium Shared Hosting

Well, this is one of the world’s most used hosting. Almost 90% of websites that are built using WordPress use premium shared hosting. The price of premium shared hostings starts from $1.58 to $4.80 per month.

If you want to build your website using Namecheap then must use this premium shared hosting at the start. Upgrade your hosting if you get more visitors. 

Types of Namecheap’s Premium Shared Hostings

Namecheap offers plenty of different premium shared hosting options. All of these are 100% reliable and fast that will take your website speed. The hosting options that Namecheap offers are:


  1. Starting from $1.58 per month.
  2. 20GB SSD
  3. Free CDN

Stellar Plus: 

  1. Starting from $2.68 per month.
  2. Unlimited SSD
  3. Unlimited Websites
  4. Free Domain
  5. Free CDN
  6. Auto-Backup

Stellar Business: 

  1. Starting from $4.80 per month.
  2. 50GB SSD
  3. Cloud Storage
  4. Unlimited Websites
  5. Auto Backup
  6. Free Domain

As compared to prices, all these hosting options are more than enough. I think they are good for the price point.

Final Verdict

Namecheap is the world’s second most hosting providing company. This hosting provider company will never disappoint you.

In case you have a small business then you can live it on the internet by creating a website hosted by Namecheap.

This will help your business to grow fast. If you are a blogger, then create a professional WordPress blog using Namecheap’s hosting and monetize it with Google AdSense to boost your earnings.

If you have any questions then please ask me in the comments section, I will try to answer you.

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