Review: Is Worth It? Review: Is Worth It?


What is is one of the best advertising and monetization platforms for both publishers and advertisers. If you are a blogger and want to monetize your traffic but Google AdSense is not giving you the website approval, then you should use this ad network. is owned by its parent companies Yahoo and Bing. This platform mainly works on the impressions program. If you link your website with this website, you can display contextual ads, sticky ads, popunder ads and much more.

The main reason to use this ad network is that it has built its trust worldwide and this will prove the best alternative to Google AdSense.

This company has recently reported a profit of $232 Million. This ad network is mainly built on small bloggers that deliver high-quality content and get a small amount of traffic from the countries like the USA, the UK or Canada which is enough to make a good amount of money.

With this ad network, your website will start making money like a skyrocket. mainly focuses on contextual ads. In this article, we will talk about (the best alternative to Google AdSense). We will see whether this ad network is good for publishers to monetize their valuable traffic.


How Pays? does not work on the CPC program and pays for the impressions that you generate from your visitors. No matter how many people click on the ad and visit the ad’s website or buy things through the ads. This ad network pays around $20 per 1000 impressions but fluctuation carries on.

In some cases, you got only $5-$6. So, don’t worry, I think that 5$ is also a good amount as compared to other website monetization platforms. 


Withdrawal Methods

Withdrawing money from is pretty simple. Once you reach the threshold of 100$, you can withdraw it.

If you have the RPM of $5, then you can complete this threshold by generating 10,000 visits. You can withdraw your money to your Payoneer or Bank account. This ad network has to abandon PayPal in 2019. 

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Why Should I Use helps us to get more clicks on the ads than any other web monetization network with no clickbait. Their ad designs are so unique and innovative. They use the machine learning system that suggests the best practices to do to get more ad clicks.

Their machine learning system is no less than Adsense and any other ad network. They always show relevant content to your article that engages more people who are here to the specific information about that thing.


Should I Use Native Ads?

Native ads provide your visitors with a natural experience as they are on the same website that they have opened. Their artificial machine learning system forces the visitors to click on the ads and take some action. Approval Requirements is one of the world’s largest website monetization platforms but they cannot make your website approved. To make your website approved without any issue, please read the following points.

  • You majority of traffic must be from rich countries like USA, UK and Canada.
  • There should not be hidden links that redirect to violent or hate sites.
  • Your site should have a modern design, does not approve a website that is old designed.
  • Your website should not be free hosted. Paid hosting is required to get approved.
  • Your website’s content should not be computer-generated, it must be written by a real human.



How to Monetise Traffic Using

If you want to monetize your traffic and earn a passive income. You should use which pays more than Google AdSense. 

To monetise your traffic with, complete the steps mentioned below;

  1. Go to and Sign Up for an account.
  2. Add your traffic and wait for the approval.



Once your website gets approved, ads will start showing on your website and now it will generate money per impression that you gain.


Can I Use with Google AdSense?

Absolutely Yes! You can use even another ad network with as well as AdSense. Even, it is recommended by Google itself to use multiple web monetization platforms to make money more than average.


Final Verdict

If you are looking for a website monetization platform. You should definitely use Google AdSense pays good but is more than average. I would recommend using both Google AdSense and on your website and the results will be fantastic. is 100% legit and trusted by millions of users worldwide. So, don’t worry about this. Simply add your website and start making money by monetizing your traffic!

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